Episode 41 - The Philosophy Hour

February 5, 2017

On this week's GWB Podcast: 

Nick is joined by GWB veteran Brad, as they discuss what they’ve been up to between episodes, they discuss a few pieces of Switch news and what happened to the humble cheat code. Lastly they both give some deep and meaningful advice about how to stay motivated in life.

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Episode 40 - Once More Unto The Breach

January 15, 2017

This week on the GWB Podcast

Nick returns after a brief break and is once again joined by Judge Greg. We found out what they have both been up to over these last few weeks. They of course discuss the recently fully revealed Nintendo Switch, they talk about what games they are looking forward to in 2017. Lastly Nick explains what is going to be happening with the podcast going forward.

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UPDATE - GWB In 2017 and Beyond

December 30, 2016


Hello everyone,

First off I would like to thank each and every one of you out there who has listened and supported GWB over the last year, you play a massive role and we cannot thank you enough.

In recent weeks I have alluded on the show to some changes that may be occurring with the podcast for next year. In an ideal world I had hoped for things to continue as they had, but unfortunately that no longer appears to be possible. 

For starters our planned New Year's episode will not go ahead, this is a real shame as we had some great stuff planned and wanted to see out 2016 in style. However a short notice change of circumstances has left me unable to record this week. Whilst this podcast is very important to me, other things must come first.

Furthermore our recent Christmas episode will be the last episode for a little while as I am putting the show on hiatus. This is not a decision I have come to lightly and I will outline the current situation. I should stress this is not the end of the show, all our episodes will remain available, we're just taking a little break.

-University workloads mean that Dapper cannot be on the show during term time. This means I end up with a consistent hosting gap on the show. Even finding guests for absences spanning a couple of weeks is difficult. Finding someone to step in as a regular co-host is infinitely more difficult. Having said that, if any of you out there have an interest in joining the team, do email us at gwbpodcast@gmail.com 

-As for myself, I also have the pressures of university to contend with. In addition to this, as I've worked on the show these past months, particularly when I had to become de-facto head of the show following Brad's departure it is tough to ignore the work involved in doing this week in week out.

I and everyone who is part of the GWB team wants to try our hardest to deliver the best content that we can to you, however the fantastic experiences we've had this year have taught us much.

In the meantime wonderful listeners, I ask a small favour of you all. Please give us a little time to regroup, rethink and decide what is best for not just us but also you guys and of course the show.

We will be back, I am reluctant to give a date as much needs to be discussed, so for now I suggest if you don't already, follow us on Twitter @GWBPod to keep up to date.

Thanks again for all your support 

Best wishes and have a fantastic New Year




Episode 39 - It’s Christmas!

December 25, 2016

This week on the GWB Podcast:

This week is our actually not very Christmassy Christmas Special! We talk about a wide variety of gaming news stories. We reminisce about our favourite moments from the podcast throughout the year. Lastly we got lots of community feedback this week, so thanks hugely! Merry Christmas!

The full release notes can be found here 

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Episode 38 - Ticky Box

December 18, 2016

DAPPER IS BACK! After an absence of a few weeks, she finally returns to join Nick on the show. We find out what she has been up to while she’s been away. We cover a range of news articles involving the likes of For Honour and Super Mario Run. Lastly, we have a big discussion about games and consoles being ‘always online.’

We have decided to give you guys the option of Downloading a PDF version of the release notes. This is due to Podbean not keeping our show notes format.

To download the PDF click here.

Episode 37 - Die Hard Is A Christmas Movie?!

December 11, 2016

This week on the GWB Podcast: 

Nick is once again joined by Judge Greg. They discuss the perils of Kickstarter, the most surprising gaming moments of 2016, and have a big argument about the Die Hard franchise. We also play an interesting game inspired by the One Track Gamers!


The full release notes can be found here


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Episode 36 - Taken With Robin

December 4, 2016

This week on the GWB Podcast:

Former guest and life coach Robin Bates joins Nick this week. They cover a range of topics from No Man’s Sky’s big update and the Games Award. They also discuss why AAA games are not selling too well at the moment. As usual expect some crazy tangents!

The full shownotes can be found here

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Episode 35 - A Lone Wolf

November 27, 2016

This week on the GWB podcast:

Nick is unfortunately by himself this week, he does a quick run through of what he’s been playing and briefly talks about a few pieces of gaming and technology news. The reason for this very short solo episode is explained in the show.

A PDF of the shownotes can be found here 


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Episode 34 - 1690s Questions

November 20, 2016

This week on the GWB Podcast:

Once again Nick is joined by host of the Hero Talk podcast Judge Greg! They talk through all sorts of Nintendo news, the Watch Dogs 2 controversy and we give answers to questions from the 1690s! A big congratulations to Greg from the GWB team for his special piece of news he reveals on the show.

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Episode 33 - A Big Nostalgia Trip

November 13, 2016

This week on the GWB Podcast:

Dapper is sadly once again absent, but fear not! This week Nick is joined by Adam an old school friend of his. We touch on a couple bits of Nintendo news and take a big trip down to memory lane to the PS1/PS2 era.


The full release notes can be found here


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