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UPDATE - GWB In 2017 and Beyond

December 30, 2016


Hello everyone,

First off I would like to thank each and every one of you out there who has listened and supported GWB over the last year, you play a massive role and we cannot thank you enough.

In recent weeks I have alluded on the show to some changes that may be occurring with the podcast for next year. In an ideal world I had hoped for things to continue as they had, but unfortunately that no longer appears to be possible. 

For starters our planned New Year's episode will not go ahead, this is a real shame as we had some great stuff planned and wanted to see out 2016 in style. However a short notice change of circumstances has left me unable to record this week. Whilst this podcast is very important to me, other things must come first.

Furthermore our recent Christmas episode will be the last episode for a little while as I am putting the show on hiatus. This is not a decision I have come to lightly and I will outline the current situation. I should stress this is not the end of the show, all our episodes will remain available, we're just taking a little break.

-University workloads mean that Dapper cannot be on the show during term time. This means I end up with a consistent hosting gap on the show. Even finding guests for absences spanning a couple of weeks is difficult. Finding someone to step in as a regular co-host is infinitely more difficult. Having said that, if any of you out there have an interest in joining the team, do email us at 

-As for myself, I also have the pressures of university to contend with. In addition to this, as I've worked on the show these past months, particularly when I had to become de-facto head of the show following Brad's departure it is tough to ignore the work involved in doing this week in week out.

I and everyone who is part of the GWB team wants to try our hardest to deliver the best content that we can to you, however the fantastic experiences we've had this year have taught us much.

In the meantime wonderful listeners, I ask a small favour of you all. Please give us a little time to regroup, rethink and decide what is best for not just us but also you guys and of course the show.

We will be back, I am reluctant to give a date as much needs to be discussed, so for now I suggest if you don't already, follow us on Twitter @GWBPod to keep up to date.

Thanks again for all your support 

Best wishes and have a fantastic New Year




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