Gamers Without Borders

Episode 9 - Touching It Too Much

May 29, 2016

On this week’s Gamers Without Borders, we are joined by special guest Dapper Paper Bag, we discuss:

-Nick finally gets his hands on Uncharted 4

-No Man’s Sky Delay

-New Xbox One rumours



No discussion topic this week,but we gave our special guest an interview of sorts to find out more about her amazing work

You can find her here:
T: @DapperPaperBag

R: /r/DapperPaperBag

Find the inspiration behind her name here…


Other Links

Vice Article


Xbox Rumours

No Man’s Sky

Deus Ex Trailer

Batman Arkham Return worsegraphics than last gen?

Witcher 3 Blood and Wine

Next Major GTA5 Update Release Date, More Details Announced.


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