Gamers Without Borders

Episode 3 - Read That, Cat!

April 18, 2016

This week on the Gamers Without Borders Show:

  • Special Guest!
  • We talk about how little time we have to play games
  • Share some excitement on No Man's Sky
  • Discuss TrackMania Turbo
  • Decide heroic adventurers need an arts and crafts room
  • And discuss our top celebrity crushes, male AND female.
If you're curious about the title, well, you will have to listen in. Our guest speaker is an innovative thinker that has some interesting game ideas. 

Topic of this week was: Why do we play video games? What makes some games more fun than others? 
We want to hear what you think! 

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Nick- @AnotherGmgBlog

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Brad- @Majesticsteed55

Special thanks to the One Track Gamers for sending in some community questions and helping us get this far!
Thanks to the Gamers Without Borders steam gaming group for letting us use their name!
And thanks to all the downloads and listens we had!

P.S. This week we had a bit of a struggle editing. The way we recorded caused Nick to be heard both from his audio, and from Brad's. We did the best we could so please excuse anytime you might hear Nick's voice twice. I know, usually it wouldn't be a bad thing to hear more of Nick. We promise it won't happen again in the future. Bonus: You can sometimes hear Brad's cat meow and purr in the background. Remember, gaming doesn't require a passport!