Gamers Without Borders

Episode 14 - No Man’s Hype

July 3, 2016

What we have been up to:

  • Nick

    • Uncharted done

    • Not far off effectively lvl 1000 on infinity loop (#970)

    • Witcher 3/Birthday hype

    • NMS pre-order? (free money!)

    • Final Games Podcast- DID for games (high fives Kate)

    • RE: Handhelds etc- Could Facebook enter the fray?

  • Brad

    • Laying on the floor still. But making progress!

    • Was able to play some Ark: Survival Evolved for more than an hour last night

    • Preparing our house to sell!

    • Giving on talk on being an “Every day leader” to small business on monday

  • Rena

    • Other stuff


Special Segment - Drum Off

Main topic:

  • Open world vs linear gameplay

Community Involvement!

Jon: @GWBPod what is the one skill you wish you were good at, but for some reason you just can't grasp.

What’s new with the podcast?

  • Very pleased to announce that Dapper Paper Bag will be joining the team on a semi regular basis

Where to reach us:

  • Brad Twitter: @majesticsteed55

  • Brad Steam: Scrub10000

  • Nick twitter: @anothergmgblog

  • Nick Steam: Merciful Fate

  • Nick blog:

  • Rena instagram: stillreading238

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