Gamers Without Borders

Episode 11 - E3: Forever Unachievable

June 13, 2016

Please note, this is an amended version of the podcast, I have done my best to fix the audio problems that existed in the original version that I missed. You may still hear one or two out of place bits of dialogue or pauses. However this is the best I could do in a reasonable amount of time and my editing skills are limited.

If you have any complaints about the quality of this week's episode please send them to me directly @AnotherGmgBlog on Twitter.

I hope you enjoy this week's episode- Nick of Gamers Without Borders

On this week’s Gamers Without Borders, we discuss:

-Just Cause 3

-The Return of Crash Bandicoot?

-Trailers, Trailers, Trailers!

-Our Hopes and Dreams for E3

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Nick’s Uncharted 4 Review


PS NEO Confirmed to be in development by Sony, but won’t appear at E3


CD Projekt Red and Polish government starting $20.5 million fund for ‘creative games’


The Division’s player count dropped 93% since launch


Return of Crash Bandicoot?

GT Sport Trailer

Watch_Dogs 2


Horizon: Zero Dawn

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