Gamers Without Borders

Episode 10 - Your Brain on Video Games

June 5, 2016

We made it to episode 10! Thanks for all the listens everyone! We love you!

This week we have another special guest with us: Life Coach for Geeks, Robin Bates. Robin is a life coach that specializes in helping geeks and nerds realize their full potential and is one of the coolest people we know. You can check out what he does by going to his website,  or reaching out to him on twitter @lifecoachlond

In this episode we discuss how video games effect our mental well-being as well as share our thoughts on recent happenings in the video game industries. Those happenings include things like: 

We also get to hear another exciting game that Rena has designed called Honk If You Want To Go Faster. The idea is to hold a dance-off against geese for your groceries. We think it is going to be a big hit, tune-in to the show for details.

You can find our guest Robin doing a real life play test here:

This book is all about how video games can be used to change our personal lives, and the world:
We suggest giving a shot if you enjoy the idea of helping others with games.

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Until next time, may the force be ever in your favor.