Episode 49 - Country Brains 3

February 16, 2019

On this week's GWB Podcast:

After an incredibly long hiatus, Nick and Greg are finally back! See? We're still here!

We discuss what the hell we've been doing on this time, the problems of Life is Strange 2, a deep dive into the Frozen canon, oh and monkeys!

As discussed in the episode, in place of the formal shownotes previously used, here is the outline document me and Greg use, including all the links for our social media as well as the stories we've discussed. All feedback appreciated


Until next time!

Episode 48 - E3 and Stuff

June 23, 2018

This week on the GWB Podcast:

Nick and Greg are back! They discuss what they’ve been doing for the past 3 months, all things Marvel, resurrect a long standing argument and run through the big announcements at E3 and what they’re looking forward to most. Oh and of course, Space Force!

The shownotes can be found here


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Episode 47 - Unscripted

March 11, 2018

On this episode of the GWB podcast:

As previously promised, this episode is a little different as Nick and Greg decided to get rid of any shownotes or script!

In order to keep everything a surprise I won't even give a synopsis of the episode.

I hope everyone enjoys it 

Until next time!

Episode 46 - GWB Christmas Special

January 21, 2018

This week on the GWB Podcast:

After perhaps our longest hiatus Nick and Greg are finally back for an episode of this “video game” podcast in which we discuss, movies, new technology, politics, food and countless other topics, enjoy this tangent filled episode!

The full shownotes can be found here

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Episode 45 - Resistance To The Max

September 23, 2017

On this week's GWB podcast, 

After another unintended break, Nick and Greg are back to discuss topics such as the long awaited Marvel Defenders TV series, the trailer for the upcoming Tomb Raider film and also have a debate about the characters of Life is Strange. Huge thanks to our amazing community for all the great questions!

The shownotes can be found here

Until next week!

Episode 44 - Lukewarm Takes

July 23, 2017

On this week's GWB Podcast:

After a long break, Nick and Greg are back! They discuss what they’ve been up to while they have been away. They talk lots of Doctor Who news, the return of Atari and the problem with Nintendo. Plus for the first time in a while we get some community questions!


The full shownotes can be found here


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Episode 43 - Maths Is Hard

April 22, 2017

This week on the GWB Podcast:

After an unintended break, Nick and Greg spend a long time catching up with what they’ve been up to. They discuss some of the recent big trailers and Nintendo’s crazy business ideas. Furthermore we talk about an exciting experience for the podcast as a whole.

The release notes can be found here

Until next time!


Episode 0 - The Beginning

April 8, 2017

Today is a special day, the 1st birthday of the Gamers Without Borders podcast.

In honour of that, here's something a bit special, behold the very first 'episode' me and Brad ever recorded, before this was even called Gamers Without Borders! (Fun fact: Brad and I had known each other for about 3 hours before we recorded this)

There's no synopsis or show notes for this episode as no formal plan exists for this episode, but this is something different, so I hope you'll forgive the change in format

I hope you all enjoy listening to how bad we used to sound!

Until next time!

 P.S. *A NOTE ON AUDIO QUALITY* Yes I know this episode sounds utterly terrible but there's two reasons for that. Firstly the raw audio was poor quality because Brad and I had no idea what we were doing at the time. I tried my best to improve it during editing. Basically I had a choice between making us sound like robots or ear destroying static noise, I picked the lesser of two evils. Second, I chose not to make this sound good as an artistic choice to prove how far we've come in a year.

Gamers Without Borders 1st Birthday Message

April 8, 2017

2016 was a tough year for many people for a whole range of reasons, but there was one light at the end of the tunnel, on the 8th April 2016 the Gamers Without Borders podcast published its first episode! 

To begin with I'd like to thank everyone who has listened to the show, be it one episode or from the start. It's not always been easy, we've gone through numerous personnel changes, format changes and sometimes life just got in the way. Nevertheless I know a lot of you have stuck by us through it all and for that you have my thanks.

On a more personal note doing this for the last year has been an amazing experience, I've been able to share my opinions on a hobby I enjoy so much and the feedback and contact I've received has been mindblowing. I've met people thanks to the podcast that I'm now able to call good friends and I've had the honour of working with both people that are just starting out in the world of gaming and podcasting as well as some veterans too. (A special shout out to Kate Grey for proving that my semi professional facade will crumble in a moment in front of the right people! Furthermore congratulations for being part of what became GWB's most infamous episode!)

I hope 2017 will be even better for everyone involved in the GWB podcast and for everyone who supports us

Thank you all


Nick of the GWB Podcast 

Episode 42 - Life, The Universe and Everything

February 26, 2017

On this week's GWB Podcast:

Nick is once again joined by very frequent guest Judge Greg. They have a very long chat about what they’ve been up to including the fact Nick has got himself a New 3DS. We discuss our thoughts on the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn and lots of superhero news!

The full release notes can be found here

Until next time!